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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

"Take the train from Casablanca going south"

Better start off with a good Moroccan breakfast--(clockwise beginning at one o'clock) butter, almond paste, cheese, honey, olives--washed down with fresh-squeezed o.j.!

Need a chapeau?

Getting ready for next weekend's Marrakech Gran Prix!

Enough handmade berber rugs for everyone in the world to have one or maybe even two!!!  This rug dealer educated us about the women's rug cooperatives up in the high Atlas Mountains with which he works.  We are gathering information about women's cooperatives and spent a good part of the afternoon collecting business cards and explaining our purposes.  

Mon petit amoure...

We bought some wool yarn here almost right out of the dying vat.  These guys were very enthusiastic about me taking a whole big bag and kept trying to stuff more in!  It is coarse and probably only suitable for rugs, but it IS bright!!!  And dyed au natural!  I haven't met too many Moroccan sheep up close, but from the looks of their fleece they must be a pretty tough street gang sort of breed.  Switchblades, gang signs, hanging out under streetlamps...

Natural dyes to prove their claims!

A foot operated lathe.  My feet would be bloody stubs if I attempted this, but he has turned it into an art form.

We took "a three hour tour, a three hour tour" by horse cart ALL over Marrekech.  This was a peek into the high rent district.  A highlight was when the driver turned right into the medina and we barrelled on through!  Merchants, vendors, motorbikes, cats, donkey carts, other horse-drawn wagons--all sharing the same alley width.

Our driver's very charming hat

Camel handler--when I pointed my camera at him, he smiled.  NOT the snake charmer!  Oh no.  He had men surrounding him to chase OFF photographers!

"Sweeping cobwebs from the edges of my mind!"

"I'll just hum."

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