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Monday, March 25, 2019

Behold the Avocado!

I am hereby proclaiming avocados as one of the 5 BEST things about Morocco.  The other four have yet to be determined in rank order, but I am pausing here to freely profess my undying devotion to this green object of my affection.  We buy seven a week--the math is pretty easy--one a day.  Last week we were going to be gone, so I peeled FOUR.  We lathered that guacamole on bread.  We secretly dipped our fingers in it when the other wasn't looking.  And when we got home late at night, I straightway dug a spoon into the tiny leftover bowl of it in the fridge.

I come by my love naturally.  My mother treated avocados reverently.  We waited all year for February--the only month we could really indulge them.  I don't remember mashing them;  we just seductively sliced them.  My aunt Norma who lived in California had obviously learned there that when combined with peeled grapefruits, avocados become food of the Gods.

And then there's this.  Chickpeas (pois chiches) bathed in olive oil and a dash or four of vinegar, peppered with cucumbers and olives with an EASTER PARADE bonnet of avocado...I rest my case...

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