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Thursday, March 21, 2019


Mr. Bojangles from a previous post has now been given a job description!  He sells water!  He pours it out of a goat bladder into these bright cups.  Apparently very traditional and very Moroccan.

The public buses here are incredibly dilapidated. We haven't braved them yet.  The trams and trains are very clean and sleek, and the taxis are very well-kept.  But these???

Mountains and mounds of exotic spices and beans.  One wonders why Marco Polo didn't just go southwest across the Mediterranean instead of east.  Get back to me with that answer.

Beautiful Moroccan tajine pots.  These appear to be ornamental, but you can buy working horse tajines all over.  Think couscous, vegetables, maybe some beef, and an array of those spices--all steaming in a huge tajine  brought hot to the table.  mmmm...good. 

Checking out the jilabas with my shopping friends in Casablanca.  Apparently, in this store you had to buy at least ten, so it must have been a wholesale place.

They are exotic and made out of beautiful material.

Argan oil in the making.

Google yielded up this picture of the traditional means of extracting the oil.  The argan seeds grow in trees.  Goats climb up into the trees to eat them, and then the digestive tract of the goat breaks the seed down so that it is softer to grind.  About 2 million Moroccans sustain themselves with oil production.  I'm going to write more about this later because it is so interesting and RIGHT UP OUR HUMANITARIAN ALLEY!  For now, the oil is used for dipping bread and cosmetically on your face and hair.  Mad hopes there are some tree-climbing goats in her photographic future.

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