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Saturday, March 9, 2019

"Take Me to the Kasbah!"

The Kasbah is located just up above from the beach of the Atlantic Ocean.  I think "Kasbah" is Arabic for something that is at the highest and therefore most strategic point.  In the case of Rabat it is a residential center as well as a tourist attraction.

This time of year we can walk there from our apartment and join a small handful of tourists to roam freely, but I would conjecture that during the summer we would be walking in a huge mass.  Some of our wanderings resulted in dead ends like this one.

I read somewhere yesterday that the post WWII Jews are whom we have to thank for all of the blue in Morocco!

A woman stood in one of the doorways and started up a conversation with us which resulted in an invitation to look out through her windows.  She was pleasant, but she DID want money at the end of our short visit.  It kind of ruined it.  She wasn't poor.

Notice the insulated swimming attire.  Somebody's been dipping into that icy Atlantic...

Towards the bottom of the Kasbah is this beautiful park and garden.  My pictures of the abundance of cats aren't doing that phenomenon justice, but visualize herds of them lounging in this park.

I had to take a little detour to discover this.

A public water hole--I love the ribbon candy on top!

And last, but not least...the famous

Doors of the

Kasbah of Rabat.


Unknown said...

Loving the pictures! Isabel has a pom pom headband just like the little girl in the photo! Must be an international thing!!

Patti said...

Wonderful photographs! I went online to read more about the Kasbah. One of the travelors said he was told the blue paint kept the mosquito population down, but wasn't sure if that was true. Definitely doesn't work on cats!

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