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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Week Trois!

Scenes from the Medina!

This market/walled city is just a 10 minute walk from us.  We can buy most anything there AND soak up the smells and colors that are Morocco!  

I'd like to apprentice with this guy!

Yesterday in the souk I did something unthinkable--I touched an avocado with my LEFT hand.  And I knew better.  It got pretty animated before I disappeared into the crowd quickly.  "Left, unclean!  Left unclean!"  Gotta remember that!

 "On a magic carpet ride!  A whole new world!"

I'm still trying to figure out the Moroccan genome patterns.

Happy Pants!!

Mr. Bojangles.  I will NOT leave Morocco until I get the full scoop on this guy.  I've seen a few like him wandering around.  

On the outskirts of the medina.  Note the guy on the left with the roasted garbanzo and fava beans...mmm.  I shelled and roasted some fava beans last week--drizzled olive oil over them and ate them for breakfast.  My very first fava bean was in Plymouth, MA on the duplicate of the Mayflower--a wanna-be pilgrim inpersonator offered me one.  I was smitten.  But we don't seem to favor them in the U.S. I did, however, run across them dried in Harrod's!  That's a long way to track down a bean, right?

Marketplace wares.  Genies?  

I am a sucker for laundry hanging against colorful walls.  Why do so many of us hide our laundry in dryers and miss the grand opportunity to array them in all their magnificent splendor?  Why?

I may have mentioned the exorbitant number of cats in Rabat.  If I haven't, I just did.  We see little piles of leftover couscous put out to feed them, and yes, we do hear them fighting at night. Here we see one of the survivors doing push-ups to defend his title.


Patti said...

Wonderful, wonderful! Thank you for this lovely peek into an unknown world to me.

Unknown said...

So amazing! Your talent for writing and capturing just the right picture makes it come alive. Thanks so much for sharing!

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