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Monday, March 25, 2019

A Peak at the Sale Souk!

Step through this open door.

Enter and make your way down the alleyway.  Pass the  guy in the straw hat and the school boy friends making their way home.  

When you pass the straw hat guy again, you'll notice he's pulling a bit of a tea cart!  It must be tea time!  Neighbor Madame Zerroni and Jerry will pause as you take pictures!

I think the tea guy is not only a regular souk visitor--
he's a fixture!  

Continue on past this intent seamstress

and this focused gentleman who seems to be repairing jeans--

and these two (we can only hope their tea will perk them up and light a fire under them).

Your nose won't miss the fish cleaner,

and you may wonder what the planners have in mind for this space.

Don't miss the watering hole for Greek gods

nor the irony of these publicly fleshy models in a completely covered and veiled society.

"Au revoir!"

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