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Friday, June 14, 2019

Tangiers, Morocco

Beni Mellal Etc.

This post got lost in the shuffle and didn't get published!!  It's been almost three months since we were here!  Time to go back again for the graduation in a few weeks!

A too-cool-for-school camel.  This guy DOES look a lot like his llama and alpaca cousins!!!

This is soooooo Moroccan.

With our wonderful partners and friends--Mr. Hmoudou and Nahjet

Every so often Jerry surprisingly dons a costume and hams it up a bit.  Most of the time not--but sometimes.  This is a Moroccan water man suit.

I took this from about 40 feet away.  It was a Facebook hit!

And a couple of chalk signs in the grass of the school where our training took place

Old Chinese saying:  The truth can't emerge without questions.-ish

French proverb:  You recognize the tree by the fruit.

Mdm. Zerrouni (our neighbor in front) and the lovely principal of a neighborhood school where I show up when I can and attempt to teach 5th grade girls to knit

The resultant craft...

End of Ramadan

I celebrated the end of Ramadan by taking my first ever solo train trip to Casablanca to go with a branch member, Brittni, to visit a convent.  She had met these adorable nuns in a French class they all took together in Casablanca..  This convent is in a very up-scale part of the city.  They have a garden, play Scrabble for an hour each day, enjoy their beautiful chapel, and just generally radiate the most peaceful auras.  Brittni is from Salt Lake City and teaches English in a private language school.

This minstrel band were playing outside our apartment.  I love their costumes!

We also joined our fellow Rabatians down on the beach for general jocularity, street food, carnival games and the parading of new clothes!

Henna-ed fingertips as well as a fancy hair doodad.  I'll be the necklace is also new.

Little sisters all decked out!  Everyone gets new clothes for Ramadan!  Their father very proudly told us that he has 4

This little gal's idea of the perfect night was to dig into these escargot!

I mean...come on.


We keep finding ourselves delightfully back in Marrakech, and if our hopes come true that will only continue to increase!

Dried flower blossoms!  I thought it was candy popcorn!

I have begun to take notice of the baskets as well!  I hope there is a basket or two or ten in my future!  Morocco is not only rugs!  Speaking of which, Mo acted on behalf of friends in Utah and brought back a grossly over-priced rug AND power-of-attorney to act on his friends' behalf if law needed to be involved in the  refund!  They apparently paid several thousand durhams.  We'd better take Mo with us too if we go rug shopping.

We are even starting to recognize some landmarks in the souk, but we actually did get a bit turned around.  (psst...Don't tell Jerry I told you.  It bruised his ego a bit.)

An uber magnificent tiled wall on our walk to the medina

We had the delightful pleasure of making the acquaintance of these three women on our recent trip  to see Mo while he was here.  These women are the leadership team of an All girls Rotary International club!  They have ALL done multiple hajjes in Mecca!
Image result for hajj 2019 maroc

We hit it off!!  They hope to involve LDS Charities in some remote village preschool projects!  We hope so too!!!!!

Nora (in the middle) invited us to her restaurant at night.  I fell in love with this table! That carrot/orange salad at the twelve o'clock was the most glorious thing!  They said it had rosewater in it...ahhh....At one o'clock is some stuffed zucchinis.  Six is a tomato spread, and some eggplant is the brown stuff.  We dipped our bread in all of it. Potatoes and green peppers were pretty ordinary.  We were also served lamb tajine!  mmmmm..It was getting pretty dark at this point.  

And then the belly dancer came out.  Fortunately, between the lack of light and her... ahem... movement, I don't have to apologize for suggestive pictures.  She DID pull Jerry and me out of our seats to dance, but we were pitiful, and she let us sit back down.  

Favorite books

  • Me 'n Steve
  • Thundering Sneakers
  • James Herriott's vet books
  • The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Travels with Charley
  • A Walk in the Woods
  • Peace Like a River
  • The Egg and I
  • Mary Poppins
  • Extremly Loud Incredibly Close
  • How Green Was my Valley