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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Petit enfants

High fives in any language

Hair in Moroccan children (I don't know about the women because theirs is always covered, of course) seems to come in various blacks and browns and reddish tones--curly sometimes.

This little girl was playing on some steps behind her mother who was selling bread in the souk.  I zoomed in on her; it took maybe 4.86 seconds.  I'm not always so lucky.

These children were playing on the pillars at the Tower Hassan just a short block from our apartment.  I'll have to do a complete posting on this place--it is ALWAYS surrounded by tour buses.  We found out yesterday that the Pope and the King will be here when the Pope comes next week!  I wonder if we can just saunter over.

In China this would be a grandpa, right???? I love their yummy-looking snack.

This child's reality includes sitting everyday with his mother against a wall on the sidewalk while she solicits coins.  He doesn't seem any worse for the wear.

I could kidnap...
Oh, yes I could.

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