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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Let's Put Our Cloven Hooves Together For...!"

Free to a good home on New Year's Eve!! The light female is pregnant and due in May. Mr. looks like he has on a pair of brown slacks and a white shirt. Maybe he should be Elder __________________! We've been informed that we have enough room for 50 llamas, but why? Very very fun. Names? Mugsy freaked out when they got out of the horse trailer. Normally llamas put dogs in their place toot sweet, but I'm not sure they KNEW Mugsy was a dog! He was just a white blob charging through the snow to them! Could have been any form of rodent or even something robotic! Wish us well with our motorized floaty thing that keeps the trough water from freezing.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bread Rising on the Hearth

If you hurry you can catch some hot bread in about an hour! Honey? Paco's Crabapple Jelly? Have it your way... My mother said if you could make homemade soup and homemade bread you could entertain kings and queens. If you know any of those who are hungry, send them over.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

"This is the Worst Christmas Ever!"

I've been trying to post the last few days, but Blogger has been technically constipated or something! I wanted to write about the breakfast adventures of my homeroom class on Tuesday complete with Mr. A pouring bacon grease down the water fountain seconds before a responsible person appeared. I would also have regailed you with the description of trying to catch a gallon of Sunny D before it hit the floor and the cap flew off and trying to vacuum up scrambled eggs which had been ground into the carpet. Then one kid didn't get a gift exchange gift because he said that he'd seen the kid who chose him throw the slip of paper on the floor. I had to hustle around to find a replacement gift, but I didn't do so well at commenting on how to deal with peer rejection. Kids can be cruel and cold. I heard an explanation of the adolescent brain (or lack thereof) at a conference once. The presenter gave scientific evidence that their brains in FACT do NOT make all synapses--thus explaining bacon grease down sinks and heartless gift omissions. It's Christmas morning--way earlier than I wanted to be up. Heavy stuff on my mind--a gift I hadn't planned on receiving. Thanks to the giver...Back atcha. I guess every 55th Christmas is designated as the sacrificial "BAD" one, huh? Speaking of bad, I ran afoul of some crazy wheat! Is nothing sacred anymore? Can't I even trust wheat??????? I ground some wheat last night, made the bread as usual, but the dough was the consistency of cookie dough--no elasticity at all!!! Weird. It DID show signs of wanting to rise, though, so I cooked it. It looks leaden. I had some wheat disasters in Omaha and ended up hauling a couple of buckets across the street and pouring it out for the birds. I need to investigate this wheat--where did it come from? Why did it grind so slowly? What was the black dust it left behind in the grinder hopper? Why is it picking on ME?????? I shall exit my merry self, but I hope you have a pleasant holiday.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kodak Moment

Here's a Festive Billboard for you! Charlie Bug looks so dapper and isn't even crying or tugging on ye olde Santa beard! He has no clue what's in store on December 25th. Next year he'll probably be with it enough to border on obnoxious, but this year he'll be pure delight...3,000 miles away...

Friday, December 12, 2008

"We Take This Infant In Our Arms..."

Our Thanksgiving weekend culminated in this special event at church. Harrison wore the blessing outfit made by my friend Dorine almost 30 years ago for Taggart. That was sweet of a friend to make that. She and her husband were also learning to make shoes--in anticipation of a time when shoes wouldn't be available. I wonder what became of those friends.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

O Tannenbaum O Tannenbaum!

This is our Christmas tree in its raw natural setting. We bought a permit for $10 from the National Forest Service and took to the woods! Fortunately we haven't had snow this year (as evidenced by the ground even here in the mountains!).

Paco felled it with one mighty buzz of his chainsaw! I stood guard in case a rabid moose charged! You can't be too cautious.

These are the neighbors. They rarely come to borrow a cup of sugar, and their kids usually have dirty noses.

This guy looks straight, but we discovered upon closer examination that he had severe scoliosis at the root of his trunk. Probably on meth too.

"I've got a saw and I'm NOT afraid to use it!!!"

Friday, December 5, 2008

Now That the Dust Has Settled...

You've Been Warned...

This is probably about as important to post as information about...say... rat feces in cold cereal--or something as deadly.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Get Your Blankie! It's Storytime!

Were we the drinking sort...

I have taken a bit of a holiday from my blog "obligations". Not to worry. This video isn't an indication of my activities! I shall surface!

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