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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm in Denver loving me up some grandkids, but here's a video we took with our new video camera. Happy Holidays to all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Car Inventory--October 29, 2004

Tonight I found in my Christmas card kafuffle this random list of the junk in my car on this date (Omaha years):
1 light-up pumpkin
30 Halloween finger puppets
5 American Girl 3-ring binders
2 bags of knitting
3 hand puppets
2 coats
1 electronic labeling system
1 pumpkin hat
6 recently signed Tomie dePaola books
1 dutch oven
1 cutting board
1 international kids' cookbook
1 spaghetti squash that had rolled under the seat
my purse
1 sprouting jar
3 computer cd's to preview for school
7 library books
1 ziplock bag of 20 assorted zippers
1 Noah quilting book
1 table runner
2 marshmallow roasting sticks
1 Groovy Girls bedroom footrest (purple and lime green with gold fringe)
1 vinyl carry-all bag
3 lunch bags with dirty lunch containers
1 rotting tomato

I guess it was an archaelogical ephiphany sort of experience that warranted listing all the contents. Where I sat is the larger question. I'm contemplating cataloging my kitchen junk drawer as well...

Happy Father's Day--Yes, in December...

I don't think this video was made to celebrate this dad. In fact the very blatant message is obviously about the unlimited potential in each individual, but I came away overwhelmed not by the son but by the dad. Tell me what you think. Hope you're taking a break in the frantic pre-Christmas days to sit and enjoy and ponder this.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"...with care..."

"Show me a man whose wife knits, and I'll show you someone who talks to himself!"--Ogden Nash

I've made 6 of these and have a few more to go. They're supersized and take time and yarn. Santa may have to blow up a few balloons to fill up some space in them!

Paris Literary Club--Founded 1942

This is the classiest group of well-read gals you're likely to meet! We're shown here at the annual Christmas party held this year at my home. Missing is Sandra who's on a mission with her husband in Nauvoo. The two grand gals in the front (top photo) are Virtue (left) and Lark. Lark traveled through two very very high mountain passes from Wyoming with her daughter-in-law to be with us. We had a lovely dinner,exchanged gifts, and then Virtue told tales from her childhood Christmases. She's had 94 Christmases!!! Who can TOP that??? I've belonged to this club for 4 delightful years. God bless them EVERY ONE!!!

"Look, Mom! Can I Keep Him?"

Bruce, my principal, regaled us yesterday with the story a teacher from Utah told him. Her middle school class was on a fieldtrip to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. After their day and as the kids were boarding the bus, they noticed one boy soaked to the bone. What else to do but tell him to get on the bus. Later during the trip home the teacher heard strange noises from the back of the bus. When she investigated she found that same boy with a penguin on his lap!! Yes, he HAD jumped the fence, dove into the penguin pool, successfully tackled a penguin, and taken him hostage under his soaking clothes on the bus. Never, I repeat NEVER a dull moment in middle school...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Zippedy Ay and Hidey Ho!

(14 months old at a birthday party on Valentine's Day, Austin, TX. He's looking all worried because the cake seems to have stopped.)
Happy Birthday to Thomas, whom I lovingly call, "The Best Billboard for Birth Control!" Thomas, you've been more fun than any mother really deserves. I love how you can fill your mouth with grapes. I love that you connect with animals like Dr. Dolittle. I love that you are the world's GREATEST "Reticent Stenciler". I love that you do circus tricks better than anyone else! I love that you are an amazing Hairgrowing Miracle. I love your choice of wives! I love that when I think about you as a daddy this spring, I get all goose bumpley. Happy Birthday!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I am going to walk to Maryland, oh yes I am.

These are some babies in Maryland that I need to hold on my lap. Right now.

I Like Their Frocks!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sans Frog

The management regrets to inform you that this year's annual Christmas cd FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER does not contain even one Muppet number. Lest you run out into the path of an on-coming car, we hasten to add that you will find it just as eclectic and festive as in previous years, albeit perhaps more mellow. Let us know if you want one! Demand is high this year, but we are prepared to work around the clock to spread our own version of non-caloric Christmas cheer if necessary.

Oh my goodness...

Paco was playing this video, and when I heard it I thought he'd found some on-line loons!

Merry Christmas, Self!

Thanks for the tip-off Miss Nemesis! $9.95--a killer 75% off Serendipity deal on! I can't wait to see the playing pieces! Dibs on Ringo!! I wonder if Abbey Road is the "Boardwalk" space.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Got to be a Patriotic Holiday Somewhere!

My darling and smart granddaughter in Colorado.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Deck the Halls!

My beautiful grandchildren! Can't wait to hug on their necks!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Say what?

I have a couple of questions about this anonymous piece of mail I received in my mailbox. First: How did you find me??? Second: Why didn't you identify yourself? Third: You can SEE my wrinkles from where you are?????? Fourth: According to your handwritten message in the top left corner ("Marilyn, Call Fast, it works! I only paid shipping.") you seem to know me. Do you? Fifth: Did you really expect me to believe that you just ripped this out of News Today-Finance when the edge is so blatantly the result of a very fancy-edged set of scissors? I'll bet you wanted me to believe that my wrinkles were a pressing emergency and by golly, you were ripping and sending this ad TODAY!!! Sixth: You hand addressed the envelope? Yet you bulkmailed. Is this what you do ALL day?????????? I'm wrinkling my furrowed brow at these mysteries. If I didn't need your formula prior to your mailing, I do now...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

No more cold necks for Lillian Elizabeth...

I knit this for my granddaughter.

Married 62 years!

I love how she looks over at him when he starts rocking out.

Amen, sister...

Have you ever???

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