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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Laundry is the New Mops and Brooms!

Through a process of I guess you could call it "natural selection", it appears that my eye here is drawn to laundry.  An occasional broom or mop will probably sneak in, but they aren't plentiful or breath-takingly charming like they are in China.

The colors are such a contrast.  Jilabas abound--mostly in plain colors, but sometimes colorful patterned rugs are hung out to air too.

In this case, a wet suit!  Notice the two sentinel brooms!

Have I converted you yet?

Over the top of the Medina wall in Sale-a suburb of Rabat--just a short tram ride away!

I don't think I'll ever run out of material because laundry is so...always THERE!  My little washing machine is humming in the background as I write this.

Related image

A smiling face wall.

A non-traditional clothesline.  I like it.

I am not guaranteeing that some of these might not muscle their way in...I've been their enabler for so long...

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