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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A New Chapter--Maroc!!

Any good page turner novel needs certain ingredients--strong quirky characters, a certain degree of plot twisting, lovable sidekicks (most often a dog or bumbling friend), and last but not least a smashing setting.  We have certainly landed ourselves in the latter.  We begin this chapter with maximum insecurities and minimum knowledge, but we seem to have an ample supply of exotic locale in which to watch it all play out.  We will certainly alternate the bumbling friend role--hopefully not at the same time! 
After just enough training at the MTC and from the MEAN (Middle East Africa North Area) desk to truly terrify us, we were greeted in Morocco by the departing veteran couple, Gloria and Roland Johnson, whom we befriended in Beijing as fellow BYU China Teachers.  

Still digesting airplane food, we were whisked off to Casablanca and Rick's Cafe!  Thank goodness this movie plays non stop there.  Because what if it didn't.

Although we are DEFINITELY not here to play tourist, we look forward to Moroccan EVERYTHING!!

We've dined with the "usual suspects",

visited in local homes,

ventured into the Medina (old city of vast markets and dwellings)

and wondered whether we put this on ice cream, rub it on our sunburn, unstick sliding doors with it, or swallow it down for constipation!!  Stay tuned!  Don't touch that dial!

 We're pretty sure we eat these,

 And will be served these goat (chevre) heads too.

 Most likely we'll be bringing these home as souvenirs.  (You stuff them with bean bag beans and use them as footstools.)
Image result for moroccan pouf
They're called "poufs"!

These buddies and barbecued pork from our MTC days seem a light year away.

 But most assuredly we will love the people.  We already do! (Fatima is blind and sells tissues on the sidewalk near our apartment on Tuesdays and Fridays.  She and Gloria are friends. Now she is my friend too.)
Oh, I neglected to mention that this story seems to be unfolding in French and Arabic.  Yikes, yikes, and yikes again... 
And last but not least--these whirling dervishes spit spotted our apartment for TWO days!

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