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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tatching a Toad??

Today felt a little like spring.  Before anyone runs out and fills up the wading pool, I hasten to add that spring in Brrrrrrr Lake would be winter to many of you.  But we take our perks where we can nowadays.  Except for New Year's Day when the angel of death tap danced on my stomach all day, I have not even had a sniffle.  A friend, however, was complaining about a cold coming on today.  I couldn't help but rush in all Jewish-mother-ish and give her my favorite remedy.  This advice came to me via a Hungarian piano professor, Gyorgy Sebok, at Indiana University about 30 years ago.  He picked it up in Japan.  When you feel cold symptoms coming on, ask someone to hold both of your elbows in one of his hands.  Just one.  Either your right or left elbow will feel colder to the touch.  Once your elbow holder friend has decided which of your elbows is colder (and believe me one WILL feel colder), plunge that elbow in warm warm water and hold it there for a bit.  And that's it.  I double dog dare you to give it a try.  Then I'll tell you my favorite hiccup cure.  Deal?


Shelly said...

You're on.

Patti said...

I could have used this exactly one week ago. I missed the chance with this cold, but I'll definitely try it next time.

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