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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm being very public about my upcoming birthday--perhaps to the point of annoyance.  Some anal tendencies have surfaced, and instead of promptly dismissing them, I've actually invited them in, stoked the fire, and poured tea all around!  This is another decade, by cracky, and I don't foresee that many decade birthdays in my future--maybe two, with any luck three.  I know friends who have eaten the crazy pie for their 60th and jumped out of airplanes, among other things.  Not my thing.  Maybe for 70.  I have merely tackled several projects which involve doing things in increments of 60 such as (but not limited to because I'm still some weeks away): 
  • Read 60 books (I'm on #50)
  • Give 60 things away (they must be things I've made or had in my possession--nothing purchased with money)
  • Post 60 blogposts (which accounts for some double blog today)
  • Hike 60 miles
  • Read 60 children's books aloud
  • Eat no sugar (cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, candy) for 60 days
  • Pass out 60 homemade cookies to 60 strangers
It's not all that impressive a list now that I look at it, especially since I crossed off 60 days of vegetarianism and 60 days of juice fasting; 60 mile bike ride; 60 handwritten letters/notes; 60 days of a perfectly clean house; and 60 To Do lists crossed off perfectly.  My original idea was to have this over the top 60th year and then write a book about it.  Now that I've watered it down, that's probably not an option--unless some publisher wants a sorry accounting of a gray old hag not quite cutting it.  Not too many of those kinds of books available.  Hmmm...wonder why.  My original idea was to invite friends to spend my actual birthday hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  That's been tweaked a bit, but I WILL be on the A.T. over spring break!  If you get any smashing ideas for me that I can still do, send them along.  The books and the blogposts are kicking my keester. I procrastinated, so I deserve that pain. A hike I took in the Superstitions in Arizona a week ago reminded me I'm aging.  Not the mountain goat I once was. I've been craving a num num all week.  I still haven't given in, but I did stick a stash of Samoas away for the end of my sugar fast! I guess what I'm saying is this IS a challenge.  But nothing Herculean. 

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Kara said...

Happy birthday, early! I feel very privilaged to have one of those 60 given away, hand-made items. I'm so excited for our little one to wear the fun sweatee you made!

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