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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gettin' into the Spirit of Thangs!

That cowboy on the fer left sent this photo from his vantage point in Beijing today.  He gave up ridin' the range at the ripe age o' 18 and mozied on to a life of litigation which  eventually led down the happy trail ta teachin' in China.  I'm bettin' that row o' Mao red fringe spread 'cross his chest there would fit in mighty purdy in Tianannmen Square had he thunk ta take it along.  That filly next ta him traded in them fancy glasses fer 10 kids and a preacher man!  They're off  spreadin' the word ta the Russkies!  I'm the young 'un in the red beret teetering on that pole.  Pitiful fat lil' squinty-eyed thang.  Looks like I been skimmin' the heavy cream off a few too many milkcans on my daddy's dairy farm...yessiree.  That free spirit on the right yonder ended up as a lab rat.  Run fast or she'll be a wantin' to draw up some o' yer blood!!!  As fer them cattle--burgers all 'round, I reckon.  We'un's look back on this here picture as our poster for them "Eekin' Out Years".  Yee Haw!!

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