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Monday, March 18, 2013

Ode to Paco

Paco and I are approaching our 15th anniversary. That may not sound like much to seasoned veterans of marriage.  But rather than lament about that, we've chosen to celebrate in grand fashion--more on that later, AND it will come with an ALERT because you may run screaming from the computer, "I HATE THE HADD'S!!!!!  I'm pausing to make a list of 60 marvelous magical things of a Paco-vian nature:
  •  keeps the home fires burning literally (we heat partially by woodstove)
  •  scrubs the kitchen floors
  •  is the master of uber intelligent conversation (I maintain that he's the smartest person in the whole gosh darn state...)
  •  does the wash
  •  womps up some pretty mean French dishes
  •  walks the dog
  •  pays the bills
  •  never EVER complains when I take off for a night, day, week, month...
  •  will go to the temple with almost no notice at all
  •  disposes of mice
  •  fathers 9 alpacas
  •  calls his mother every week
  •  brings flowers on occasion (in the first 5 years of marriage when he had ready access to fresh flowers in Penn Station he brought them WEEKLY!)
  •  attends school board meetings just for fun and makes wry remarks to people around him 
  •  is my live-in substitute teacher ( LURVE this one!)
  •  brings me breakfast EVERY single day
  •  warms up the bathroom for me to take a shower
  •  delivers anything I ever forget to my school
  •  goes on provisional shopping trips
  •  sews sleeping bags, backpacks, and polar fleece items
  •  does copious amounts of internet research on a topic I might just casually mention AND binds  it into ready reference books (I'm not making this up!)
  •  maximizes EVERYTHING i.e. vacation plans etc. When you travel with him you accomplish 3 times what a tour agency would squeeze in.  He's phenomenol at planning.  Masterful
  •  takes on about 95% of the cooking and dishwashing
  •  mends
  •  irons
  •  does the yardwork
  •  paints inside and out
  •  makes exotic homemade soaps for special romantic gifts
  •  is always on time
  •  makes the most delectable boules (French peasant breads with only yeast, flour, salt, and water) to eat with his amazing soups
  •  keeps trim and fit
  •  gives me lots of good belly laughs...very cerebral sense of humor.  Not much on frivolity.
  •  untangles all my technology snafus
  •  loves to invite people over and cook for them
  •  maintains a cool new website
  •  gives great backrub "treatments" to Mugsy and me
  •  loves to soak in the bathtub (his one self indulgence)
  •  reads any and every book about Roosevelts
  •  can't get enough of Downton Abbey
  •  is very very content
  •  delights in surprising me with all manner of things
  •  loves to haul hay to our animals on his little blue tractor
  •  bears no malice for anyone--unlike the shrew he married
  •  home teaches religiously
  •  does carpentry work around the house upon request
  •  loves to tote around a large backpack whenever we go anywhere and gets giddy if he has something in it that you ever actually need!  He used to "backpack" across Time Square in a suit when he worked in the city.  Very distinguishable among the throngs.
  •  loves to pour over seed catalogs and Mother Earth News.  I think it surprises even him that deep down inside him was a Granola!!
  •  gives conference-worthy talks!!!  Really he does.
  •  is the BEST teacher.  When he got released as gospel doctrine teacher in Princeton, some friends of ours wore black armbands in protest!
  •  watches Perry Mason ad nauseum
  •  talks to himself even when I'm around--it's his method of problem solving from politics to sociological concerns
  •  swings an ax like Paul Bunyan and amasses an incredible amount of firewood every fall
  •  teaches me French children's songs
  •  strums a mean guitar (and supposedly banjo too, although I've yet to confirm that.  He may be a closet one of those.)
  •  mimics some people perfectly, although he'll deny that and won't do it publicly
  •  perfect griller
  •  surprises me--I came home to jumbalaya tonight!!!  A first!
  •  sings duets with me
  •  has read the Harry Potter books all through 4 times
  •  loves Mad


Elyse said...

A true gem!

Shelly said...

Amen. Hear hear, well said.

Shelly said...

Amen. Hear hear, well said.

Patti said...

I couldn't be happier for you, and no one deserves Paco more.

theriddle said...

I'm so happy for you! 15 years is a great success story.

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