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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Brutally Honest, 3:28 A.M.

I'm thinking that 60 is going to buy me some license--maybe license to dress outlandishly (or outlandishliER) or wear slippers in public.  At the very least, perhaps the license to be more forthcoming with my opinions awaits me.  On the eve of my 59th year and 12th month, I bring you (drumroll...) a never before viewed or voiced list of confessions and opinions---unsolicited, unexpurgated, unedited:

  • I don't like to babysit anyone I'm not related to.  I watch the clock pretty much the whole time.
I did NOT accidentally drop and shatter my glasses in the bathtub as I was cleaning it when I was 12.  I threw them down in a fit of anger and rebellion.

I am a shy introvert.  Everything that you have seen or may see is a huge huge effort learned over the years.  I prefer to be alone. 

That Subaru incident in Texas in 1982...I DO know how that dent happened.  It was a tree.  I was backing.

I threw a rocking chair at my last missionary companion.  Fortunately she understood and started me on some needlepoint the next day. 

I did pick up change around the house and buy copious amounts of candy which I hid when I was an adolescent.  I'm so ashamed of that, but it feels good to get it out now.

I forgot to vote once.

I don't like carrot pudding, but because it was a family recipe and was made out of love, I pretended to think it was fabulous.

I attend meetings, but I do so grudgingly.

I am never really happy unless I'm planning a trip, taking a trip, or thinking about the trip I just took.

The odder the person/kid the more I like them.

I got the uncontrollable giggles in the temple once.

I think about death.  A lot.  It doesn't scare me.  I would so like to be on the other side.  If that happens to me, be calm.

Before life kicked me around I was more funny.  I'm hoping that comes back when I'm resurrected.

My natural state is not orderly.  I like interesting piles around me.  That is a war I continue to fight.

I've done my very best teaching based on a lesson plan I thought up that day in the five minute drive to school.   Flies in the face of most of what I've been taught in universities. 

I've never really told anyone the WHOLE story about some of my life's drama...and I probably won't.

I am still keeping some dark secrets someone confided to me in the 90's.  I wish I could forget.

I once had a stake president I didn't like at all.  There.  That's out.  Didn't like his wife either. 

I don't buy generic. 

I don't like to hike up mountains.  I like meadows or level hiking in high altitudes or circumventing lakes.

Small yippy Mexican dogs...not even

I once took an oath (during a bizarre little ceremony we dreamed up--candles--)with some freshman roommates that I wouldn't kiss until I got married.  I kept that for about 4 years, and I so regret it.   It made for interesting date conversation, but I should have grabbed a few more kisses!  (I haven't mentioned this for 40 years!!)

I don't like breaded fish.  Why do I continue to eat it?

Beaches don't do much for me.  Sand repulses me.  Swimming suits have NEVER fit.  I've always felt set apart from the rest of the world who appears beach-crazed.  I like lakes, but oceans are just plain scary.  Deep, dark...

I get annoyed EVERY time the phone rings.  EVERY time.  That doesn't mean I don't like to talk.  But when it rings...I feel anxious.

Now I'll end with an opinion.  I'm glad my religion's culture is not the same thing as the religion.  Have a smashing day.


Shelly said...

huh. So really, I didn't learn much new except that you have left me wanting with all those "deep dark secrets."

A sincere request: Will you teach me to write? I have so much I want to say.

Season said...

I'm reading a book about introverts: The Hidden Gifts of the Introvert Child, or something along those lines. It's very interesting! I'm an introvert for sure, and I suspect Clara is—but the surprising thing is, I'm not AS much of one as I always assumed. I'm convinced that introverts are the superior species of humans. :) Anyway. I always love a good confession post. I think even MORE highly of you now.

Michelle said...

I love this!

Brother John said...

I really do get that beach comment. Trouble is, I married a beach person. I'm good with it, though. She has friends--the "Beach Bunch"--so she has an outlet.

Shirlene said...

No wonder we get along so well, and years apart make no difference! we really are kindred spirits.

Patti said...

That was fabulous fun! As are you!

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