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Friday, July 26, 2013

Poetry in Motion--The Glacier Express

We took the train and a bus (because of flooding) from Austria to St. Moritz, Switzerland.  How can you even entertain anything but glorious thoughts when you wake up to this?
And then hop on this?  Eight phantasmal hours of
and this
cruising along like this 
drinking in this. 
A shout out to google images for knowing that Glacier Express-ians have their own little hell--the windows that separate you from perfect photos.  You see it clearly and radiantly magnificent, but photos through glass are just myehhh...

About at this point I entered another sphere.  I didn't think in sentences or phrases--sonnets, I thought in sonnets.  Oh and couplets. I had to bite my lip and sit on my hands to keep from erupting into full-voiced operatic arias.  I'm not kidding.

We had a charming little headphone through which we could listen to commentary or switch the channel to Swiss music.  Dozens of villages, peaks too numerous to count, waterfalls without number, cows as numerous as the stars of the universe--as we glided along gnawing our bread and savoring our chocolate.  Ah the Glacier Express...
Eventually we dead-ended in Zermott, and we once again took out our cameras--boy howdy, did we ever.

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