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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

European Respite

Before we shift into low and head up deeper into the Alps, here's a picture I just found while going through old photos of Aunt Norma's.  I had a drawerful of these sunsuits--polka dots, stripes--and wore them as standard issue summer attire for an embarrassing number of years.  The cowboy hat was red, and it too stuck to me like glue.  This picture was taken on our farm in eastern Oregon.  I'm 5-ish.  I just thought we all needed a rest from same old same old posts--right?  You can only take in so many magnificent vistas and lederhosen before you need a reality check--black and white photos jerk us back.  We DON'T live in Austria.  We DON'T dine predominantly on cheese and chocolate.  We DON'T hop off and on sleek trains daily.  We DON'T gaze hourly on the world's most stunning architecture.  We DO have roots on dusty farms, and we WILL, in fact, have to return to them.  Grounded again, let us foray to Innsbruck!!  

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Patti said...

Thanks for clearing the palette. I'm actually moving backwards but that will help me appreciate Salzburg a little better.

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