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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NOW You Can Sing "The Hills Are Alive!"

This is my 4th time to Salzburg.  To say that I have a love affair with Austria is an understatement.  I give it 5 stars.

A rare shot.  I run from cameras. Jerry and I were chosen as Europe's 2013 Fanny Pack Poster Children--a dubious honor because we were the ONLY fanny pack wearers on the entire CONTINENT!!  But let me tell you, in that fanny pack I had money, my camera, my passport, knitting, my Kindle, hand sanitizer, a water bottle with filter, lip stuff, a travel notebook, a pen, and postcards!  Oh and some McDonald's coupons we picked up in Vienna. So back off with your fanny pack comments! 
Mid-afternoon ice cream with a few new "friends" in Salzburg.
Gorgeous Austrian sweater in a shop window.  Keep asking me if I've started knitting one like it!!
Yet another example of beautiful Austrian handwork.  Don't be fooled by the 20 Euro sign.  That was probably for the pocket sash or something or a pair of socks to match.  These sweaters were selling for 300 or so Euros!!!!!
Looking up at Salzburg Castle.
This artisan was crafting at a street fair along the river.
This is what she was making--clay mice doing all manner of things.  40 Euros--which I almost dropped, but then I saw the vulnerable tail and figured this guy couldn't stand 2 more weeks on the road with me.  But he smiled for the picture.  I think he's reading Fascinating Womanhood.

Still climbing up to the Salzburg Castle.  Storm clouds gathering.  Just us and a couple of dauntless Japanese girls.

I like this shot.  Still climbing!
With the river.  And then the rain began.  We stood under an arch for about 20 minutes with some animated Italians. Our flimsy Prague umbrella was back at the hostel. 
Think von Trapp family escaping.
Probably about here is where that boyfriend You-Are-Sixteen schmuck blows the whistle.
Paco and I got separated (something I lived in fear of because he had the Eurail pass!!) when I stopped to take pictures of the cemetery.  The rain was annoying him; I was glorying in it.  When I came around the corner I saw this and wondered how Paco had scaled it!!  Closer inspection revealed it was NOT Paco, but a statue.

In the downpour, I rounded a corner and this guy was singing all by himself.  Not much geld in his case either.  I stopped and listened appreciatively.  He was very very good--singing some John Denver as I recall.  When he stopped and we conversed, he said, "Oh, much great music come from U.S.  Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell..." and I knew we could be friends.  For the rest of the day I sang, "He was playing real good for free" in my head, soaked to the bone and making our way back to our bed.
Farewell Salzburg.  I'll just take along this wasabi cheese to remember you by.  Not an Austrian sweater, but nevertheless. 


Shelly said...

I can't believe you didn't get that little mouse! He was perfect!

Shelly said...

And those little girls with the ice cream...sure to become a classic like the little boys from China picture.

Shelly said...

And I don't know how you come back to normal life after all this. It makes me want to spend the rest of my day traveling every nook and cranny of the world!!

Patti said...

Did I ever tell you the story about how John and Amy and I climbed the hill to the castle and found out you had to pay in cash to be admitted? Yeah, that was a sad day. We were comforted by the amazing view at least.

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