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Saturday, July 13, 2013


When life hands you rhubarb, you just have to make cherry rhubarb jam.  This jam (rhubarb and recipe from friend Sheryl!) is so incredibly wonderful that if you KNEW how good you would crawl over glass across vast continents to get to it!  And as if that weren't ENOUGH, she brought me some more yesterday, AND Paco sashayed in last night with rhubarb from our plant (which we have alternately neglected and abused with no water for about 5 weeks, thus verifying once AGAIN the weed status of rhubarb!)  I think I'll try some other combos--maybe apple or blueberry.  Bring your peanut butter and come on out!


Patti said...

I'm drooling! My grandma used to make this strawberry/rhubarb/
tapioca thing called red mush. It was the rhubarb that made it so good. Enjoy your weeds!

Shelly said...

Start laying out the glass cuz here I come a sashaying.

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