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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Casa Sewing Cooperative--Casablanca

We don't visit Casablanca as often as we might have imagined.  Our predecessors, the Johnsons, seemed to frequent it more.  The complexion of our partnerships has changed there.  But we did inherit a sewing cooperative project that we needed to check on, so off we went.

Casablanca is Morocco's largest city--the center of trade and industry.  It is much faster paced than Rabat.  Its donkey cart to citizen ratio is much much higher.  From all observations and interviews, we've determined that tourists won't miss much if they land in Casablanca and keep on going.

The snazzy new sign sporting our logo as a joint sponsor!

Boubker (the guru of all this) and his beautiful site manager--Boubker had a stroke last summer and has slowed down considerably.

These are the ten sewing machines that Latter-day Saints Charities purchased for this community center.

Proof of the resultant industry!

This caftan was made for me by the lovely woman next to me!  I picked out the fabric during a fabric-buying frenzy we facilitated last spring.  I am not sure what occasion will warrant this, but I intend to seek it out!

This djilaba was meant for "a granddaughter", so I suppose that would be Lily's size!  Very very sweet of this woman to want to gift it to us.

A partial shot of the state-of-the-art kitchen at this center!  I didn't recognize this place at ALL from the festivity held here last spring on International Women's Day!  The overhaul has been dramatic!!!!

Other handwares

And more--

In a different circumstance and under the right conditions, this woman would head a large corporation!

And the children--always the children.  This was an after-school class of some sort in another part of the center.  They were all VERY anxious (but in an orderly calm manner) to have their photograph taken. Twist my arm...

And LATER...

Just when you are starting to feel comfortable in a novel culture, a band breaks into your grocery-shopping reverie!

And still later still--This dynamite mosque is Casablanca's main claim to fame.  It is stunning.

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