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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Rabat Walk--Mikkelsen

We have many guests that pass through Rabat.  Some come for an afternoon, or a night, or a week or a couple of weeks.  Some come as old friends, and some as brand new faces!  We give them all our two-bit tour, but it is never the same!  

Our tour always includes Tour Hassan (not pictured here),the ocean (also not pictured here), the kasbah, and a stroll through the souks.
This cemetery is one of my favorite places in all of Rabat.  I'd like to be buried there!

I am always on the look-out for kids.  Sometimes I hit it out of the park, and sometimes you'd think there wasn't a good-looking kid in the whole darn country.  This child had unusually light hair.

Our new friends--Sue and Rob Mikkelsen!  We share a niece together by marriage! We had never met.  Sue is a newly-retired librarian!  What's not to love about that??  Rob will soon work in Marrakech for an unidentified time period.  We're tickled they'll be living in Morocco soon!

No walking tour is complete without an array of cats.  In spite of their feral condition, each and every one is pretty gorgeous without fail.  I need to to a picture of the one who seems to have lost his ears in a fight.  Even he has a certain savois faire.

This mesh and red Solo cup hanging leaves us shaking out heads.

Wool--waiting for a rug to happen

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Shelly said...

They look like nice people. I hope you get to see them often. And were those pomegranates?? I’ve been juicing them but they are expensive when they aren’t in season and on sale.

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