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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Rabat Walk--Nan and Kayleen

Our September/October guests, Nan and Kayleen, were just delightful.  As seasoned travelers, they were game for anything and independent enough to make them low low maintenance.  They spent a week trekking in the High Atlas Mountains, and they brought back good stories!

The ripe avocados in our back courtyard proved too big a challenge to just ignore, so we jimmied up a knife attached to a long pole and went at it!

They came plummeting down, and we had to scramble to catch them!

The kasbah of Rabat--always a crowd pleaser

Kayleen and I have met FOUR times randomly and serendipitously in our lives--once as BYU roommates, secondly as participants in the last area conference of the Church in Ann Arbor (in the crowded hall of a megaplex, no less!), thirdly in church in Princeton, NJ (we insisted she and her two kids check out of their hotel and move in with us for a week during Christmas break--GREAT FUN!), and fourthly as teachers in China with BYU China Teachers!  So to say we keep bumping into each other is an understatement!  This trip, I might add, was well-planned!  

Looking out at Sale from the incomparably beautiful Tour Hassan near our apartment

In the medina with the Moroccan Waterman

Nan is a bonus friend--completely unsolicited!!!  She met Kayleen randomly in Colorado and agreed to trek with her in Nepal!  They are so lucky to have found each other, and I am twice blessed to get Nan with Kayleen!  They are jewelry makers, so their acquaintanceship took me into some places I might never have gone in Morocco!

No neighborhood walk is complete without a stunning cat pose.

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