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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Boarding school--Ourika Valley, Morocco

If you are a young Amazigh woman from high up in the Atlas Mountains, you can attend a primary school in your village, hopefully.  But should you desire to continue, you may have the good fortune to be housed in a boarding house during the week so that you can attend a nearby high school.  On the weekends and during the summer you will make your way back to your mountain village--either by walking for several hours or catching a ride.  These young ladies are part of a group of 40 who live in a boarding house.  Latter-day Saint Charities was privileged to fund a kitchen for this facility!  The gentleman dead center in the red is Patrick, our wonderful French partner.  In the picture is also our good good friend Meghan from BYU China Teachers who came for a visit and one of Patrick's employees on the top right.

These girls are angelic and so peaceful.

To get to this boarding school you have a bit of a hike from the road where you can park a car.

The walk up is not without its perks, however.  It is achingly beautiful--made more so by the pleasant autumn weather and foliage.

I wanted to stop and interview the gardener of this place and ask what in the world was going on!

Every good walk is part mischief, right?

Little boys being little...ahem...boys.

Ah!  The boarding house!

The puppy we saw right after this???  Shoes?  Puppy??

Voile!  La Cuisine!

Le Chef!  In her jammies!!

This is the roof over the kitchen which will eventually be a dining hall!  C'est bonne!!!


Jerry made a friend.  He growled at everyone else and ran away.

In the neighborhood


And back to our beginning!  If you squint your eyes to see more clearly, you will realize you are seeing Morocco's future in the making.

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