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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Camel Ride

We discovered a National Geographic Youtube video that we've watched several times because we can't resist showing it to everyone who comes through our door!  

According to the fast-talking narrator, camels actually originated in north North America!  They evolved and evolved.  Their charming feet were natural snowshoes.  Their humps were actually portable heaters in the frigid temps!

When the time was right, some of them padded on over to the Middle East and took up residency.

Others meandered down through the soon-to-be (in several eons) the United States and on down to South America and became the forefathers of alpacas, llamas, and vinunas.

Morocco's camels are actually dromedaries.  We see them clustered in groups, usually saddled-up for the gringoes.

One of our travels one time took us out to a remote desert setting where we actually saw free-range dromedaries loping across the vast expanse.

This wrangler excelled in his camel courses--"Getting  a Camel Up", "Getting a Camel Down", and "You and Your Camel--A Match Made in Jannah."  

Goofy, but charming--I love his hairy little hump.

We are seasoned cameleers, having cut out teeth on some cousins over China way along the Silk Road.  We knew to lean back when your steed stands up! 

But all our "experience" didn't prepare me for Jerry's guy when he bit me in the butt!  I must have looked like a big hunk of camel treat--Hay???

On closer inspection, forget the dromedaries!  Check out the cool blue Coke bottle shirt!

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