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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Temara--Catholic Sisters' Burn Clinic and School

We didn't see this clinic prior to the visit of Pope Frances, but the new paint fairly SHONE!  Everything looked newly spruced up!!

I know for a fact that this cement pad and awning are new because a similar project had been recommended to us as a possibility here by our predecessors.  The burn patients now have a lovely place to wait.

The sisters offer a supplemental school.  When we visited, they were in session, so I couldn't stage my usual photo frenzy.  But I did zoom in from outside the classroom and caught this stunning child.

With Sister Gloria and Archbishop Cristobel

I hope I radiate 1/10,000th of the goodness that Sister Gloria does when MY hair is completely white!  I am pretty sure you can't fake it.

Some embassy Catholics spiffed up the playground!  The place must have been a flurry of activity before the pope's arrival.

Kids' art!

And more!

Add a camel, some palm trees, and a medina--voile'!  Morocco!

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