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Monday, April 8, 2013


Sprizzards are annual events here in Brrrrrrr Lake.  They're usually spliced somewhere between the first day of Spring and the time we plant gardens.  Today's sprizzard was particularly dramatic because rumor has it that we're to expect 10-12 inches of snow and 60 mph winds!  A real doozy of a sprizzard!!!!  I am currently the reigning "Farmhand" here at Provident Heritage Farm.  Paco is off wrestling Minnesota for a spell.  I HAD to feed the alpacas--no other humane choice was left to me.  They need and deserve to eat. I bundled up like an astronaut, contemplated stringing a rope from the house to the barn ala Little House on the Prairie, and headed out.  If I leaned into it I could remain upright.  The animals were hunkered down in their respective quarters.  Plato spit at me, but I'm choosing to interpret it as "Thanks, oh thanks a bunch!  Really thanks!"  Midway between hand hauling the hay around the barn to deliver to the girls, I thought to myself, "If you were to go down out here--break something, trip, infarc randomly--no one would even miss you until the bell rings tomorrow morning at 8!"  A heck of a lot of frostbite, hypothermia, and DEATH could take place before then!!!!  At one point I came upon a wheelbarrow that I thought might help me move the hay.  After stopping every 2 feet to kick off the accumulated snow from the wheel (yes it was THAT deep), I scooped up the half bale and pushed into the wind.   When I came inside I was completely crusted over with ice and snow--encased as it were.  My cowl (thank you dear daughter) stood up by itself in the bathtub!!  Hoping for a snow day out of this, but if not that, then bragging rights--"I Survived the April 9, 2013 Sprizzard!"  Incidentally Spring + Blizzard = Sprizzard.  I know you figured that out, but just in case.  I composed that word special for this blog.  I've never heard it or read it or even thought it until just now.  Bling? 


Shelly said...

It took me a day to process this post. That must have been quite the experience.

Patti said...

I am so glad you survived, but I have to admit I was more enthralled than concerned with each new description of the weather. I love wild and wooly and windy!

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