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Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sugartown"

I gave up sugar 60 days ago today.  More specifically (because I know sugar is hiding in everything), I wiped out candy, cookies, cake, pie, ice cream, and soda.  Results?  Hmmmm....I don't have any to report, other than the rush that self control brings.  One disclaimer:  I DID eat one lone macaroon made lovingly by Paco for me in MD last week because he knows I will cross vast deserts on my knees for a macaroon AND he used the last of the coconut to just make a few.  How could I turn away from that kind of devotion?  So on this morning of re-entry I wish I could say going off sugar was life-changing.  It wasn't.  I don't feel any differently.  The only masjor difference I've experienced is that I don't have blood sugar spikes, or in other words, cravings or extreme hunger. Maybe other more visible results would come tomorrow or the next day.  Maybe 61 days is the magic place. Perhaps THEN my body would arise Phoenix-like and to the swelling of the "Hallelujah Chorus", I would awaken with the body of a 20 year old!  My teeth would glisten!  I would recall poetry memorized in 4th grade!  I guess I'll never know because I've squirreled away Samoas and Cadbury (did you know that you can purchase Cadbury chocolate in vending machines on the tube platforms in London????  It's a BEAUTIFUL thing...) caramel eggs for this day.  Part of me wants to soldier on sugarless and just have faith that I'm doing my body a big huge physiological favor.  Part, not so much. But, I will cross it off my "Pushin' 60" list

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Patti said...

I think I ate too many helpings of jello and cool whip today to comment on this post without bias.

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