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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hats Off!

Pausing to pay homage to a chapter in my life that I loved so dearly.  This is a picture from a job I had as a K-2 media specialist in Ewing, NJ at Antheil Elementary.  More particularly this picture was taken during the annual Literacy Festival--a school-wide night devoted to books and reading.  As one of the school's two media specialists it fell on me to co-contrive a theme, coordinate activities, and generally make merry!  I call your attention to the artwork on the glass over the entrance--Thomas did that!  What you really can't SEE are the over 200 hats that I borrowed to decorate the media center--hats of all varieties from all over the world because our school was very multi-cultural.  What you can't HEAR is my smashing rendition of The 500 Hats of Bartholemew Cubbins which I read about 6 times--complete with a headful of stacked hats and all the voices in that story.  Go read it!  It's a good one--early early Seuss.  Last of all I'm holding Momboo.  If you don't know HIS story, I really should share it.  I'll do a little digging so I can do justice to it. 

As part of my "Pushin' 60" campaign, I have been reading 60 children's books aloud--to my grandkids and 7th graders.  During my time in NJ I was paid handsomely to do that ALL day to the  most charming job ever.  Really.  Hats Off to my memories of them, their fabulous teachers, their extraordinary parents, and the hours and hours and hours we spent together in some pretty magical places...

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Patti said...

Reading out loud to the kiddies is my favorite thing to do. And if it's Dr. Seuss, even better. Glad you got to be so well employed in Maryland.

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