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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Looking For Spring In All the Wrong Places!

 Paco and I went in search of Spring.  We didn't find it in the new Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  It wasn't at the National Zoo.  Rosie thinks the otters have a clue. We looked in a couple of parks.  Someone even suggested that Einstein was hiding Spring!  Was it behind the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial?  How about in that cool cool head of white hair?  Shelly and I searched high and low--all the way down to Corbin Cabin in Shenandoah National Park.  Maybe if we spend the night on the floor, Spring will arrive in the morning!!  Let's just hike a bit on the Appalachian Trail.  Surely we'll find it.  Wait a sec!!!  That bear is looking for it too!!!  Run!!!!  As for that elusive Spring--we're still stalking it.

1 comment:

Patti said...

Hiking in the snow?! Man! I really wish I could have shared the adventure.

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