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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Great White Hunter

Paco's name was drawn from over 600 entries at the Republican booth of the recent Brrrrrrrr Lake County Fair. He is now the dubious (my choice of adjectives, not his) owner of a Henry Golden Boy .22 LR/.22 MAG/.17 HMR invented by Benjamin Tyler Henry in 1860 something in Bayonne, NJ (heretofore regarded by myself as that part of the train trip into the city wherein one looked away from the smokestacks and obvious toxic wastes knee deep as far as the eye could see). Stay tuned. The arrival of this rifle has prompted some wheeling/dealing--another gun disappeared (a trade?) from the closet, and a "clandestine" meeting took place between Paco and a law officer in Utah wherein yet another gun was procured. I KNOW!!!! I'm thinking arsenal; you're thinking arsenal! Perhaps two guns does not an arsenal make, but this is a definite gear shift here at Provident Heritage Farm! Methinks optimistically the mere presence of guns will intimidate...mice?

1 comment:

Jill said...

Sorry to discourage you, but guns do not intimidate mice. :( If they did, we would never have a mouse in our house let alone on our property!!

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