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Friday, September 3, 2010

7th Grade Teacher Compliments For the First Week of School

"Hey, I like how your nose nestles so succinctly under your eyes."
"You have just enough voice to pretty much fill up this room."
"Great job of sitting in your seat calmy 5% of the time!"
"I like your choice of pencil."
"All your hairs are attached so securely to your head."
"Great job of tying your shoelaces!"
"You washed your face!"
"I like your shiny braces."
"Neato job of opening and closing your mouth!"
"Nice kneecaps!"
"Rad sneakers! Where can you buy such a thing???"
"Cool haircut. You do it yourself?"
"Good job of showing up so frugally without even a pencil."
"Wow! Nice use of hands attached to your arms!"
"You walk upright at least as well as 95% of other homo sapiens!"
"You do a seventh grader imitation with aplomb!"
"Commendable shuffling! Did you take lessons this summer?"
"Hey! You've been practicing your gum chewing! Nice..."

And so it goes. I AM going to practice my compliments, however. You too?


Shelly said...


Season said...

You know, back in my school days, I really could have used a teacher who complimented my choice of pencil. That's really gonna make someone's day.

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