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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In Which I Harangue...

This book changed me. It was recommended by a spicy old gal I met at a gifted/talented conference I attended for a week in July at Boise State University which ALSO changed me. I've never been so excited for a school year to begin. If THAT'S not an advertisement for this book then...well, just then. I have nothing more to say. Oh wait! I do--this quote sent by Bruce Belnap yesterday who at this moment is feeling somewhat lost not anticipating a new school year for the first time IN A LONG TIME:
" IF YOU WANT TO BUILD A SHIP,DON'T DRUM UP THE PEOPLE TO GATHER WOOD, DIVIDE THE WORK AND GIVE ORDERS. INSTEAD, TEACH THEM TO YEARN FOR THE VAST AND ENDLESS SEA........ By Antoine De Saint Exupery-- the author of the Little Prince). Mary, get this book at the library. Get 4!!!!! Everybody else, run to your library. If you need to lie prone in front on the step until they get it, then do that. Now. Go!!! Git!!!!


Laura said...

The library in the next town over has this book. I'm on my way!

On a side note, the word verification for this comment is "reader." Seems very appropriate, don't you think?

Patti said...

Okay, okay! I'm going straight to the library site to get my copy!

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