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Friday, August 6, 2010

Gyawn Revisited--the G is Silent

3:38 A.M. Little black Gnats keep flying on the screen. I thought my cursor was moving--my eyes AND my mind were playing tricks. I smashed one. Now I have a permanent period because I don't want to scrape it off. I don't think you've ever met Gnoggin my Gnome. May I introduce you? Gnoggin was knitted a year ago for my friend Mary Jane. He arrived in NJ via airmail to bring her comfort and cheer in her very last days. Now he sits and waits for his next assignment. I'm thinking of entering him in the county fair next week. Guessing he'll be the fair's token knitted Gnome. Incidentally if you ever chance upon a recipe to make a hamburger shaped cake that instructs you to: "Line a 6 cup glass bowl with aluminum foil and bake the cake batter 70 minutes at 300" RUN LIKE THE WIND AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN. DO NOT LOOK BACK. DO NOT STOP TO REMOVE YOUR APRON.
Ah...a lonely train whistle. I should pause and write a poem. These nights of insomnia are interesting. When I awaken it isn't gentle with a "What sleep from yonder window breaks? 'Tis the moon and I with fair hand do embrace that bright orb." Nope. It's: "I'm awake. I'm up. I was sleeping and now I'm not. Time? What's that noise?" Smashed another Gnat. Oh, Gno. Now I have a permanent colon on my screen.


Shelly said...

I was working on my gnome last night. Almost finished. But my beard is rather large, especially the part that goes around the chin. I was up rather late (eastern time, though) too. Worried to go to bed because I wanted to keep checking if Pete was breathing! Doing a little better this morning.

eileen c said...

The color is right for the bun!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the insomnia. I think your Gnome is destined to attend the fair.

Laura said...

Love the gnome! He is super cute!

I have never had luck baking a cake in a bowl. The outside it always burned and the inside is always raw. Not sure how much lower I can turn the oven and still have the thing bake. I've learned to stick with cupcakes. :)

Jill said...

You should enter the gnome in the county fair. I'll be looking for it and your blue ribbon. :)

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