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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dear Lurkers,

I know you're out there! How? Because Everybody knows way too much about me to NOT be reading my blog! My librarian, fellow Toastmasters, parents of my students, churchmates! Actually lurking is an honorable activity...NOT!!!!! Show yourself! Be heard! I'm thinking of starting a "Lurker of the Week" contest. All you'll have to do is post a comment, have your name put into a hat, and wait for Lady Luck to pick you out!!! You guys remind me of my seventh graders who won't share outloud their daily journal entries. Weirdest group for that ever--usually I have to limit the number who can share. So I fixed them! One day I had hidden donuts behind and under my desk. Then when I asked for volunteers I said, "OK, is that all? The volunteer window is closing!" You can imagine the pandemonium when I waltzed behind my desk and started handing out donuts to the brave readers!!! Oh, I was smitten with glee! So now they know I might randomly pull out a cake or cookies or anything...and they volunteer. Random rewards. I love 'em. Lurkers, you MAY be rewarded for appearing. Just maybe.


Jill said...

I LOVE your blog and yes, most of the time, I am a lurker. But, I will reform and begin to comment more often. :)

Tracy Giles said...

I lurk!!! Sometimes I'm great at leaving comments, then I go through times when I just lurk!

Shelly said...

I'm still waiting for my prize for that quiz several moons ago.

Mad Hadder said...

Oh your prize was two weeks of free slave labor!!

Andy said...

I lurk via Google Reader. I love your blog . . . can I have a donut now?

Maryreadsalot said...

Don't forget I taught you about bloglines when you are passing out the donuts..

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