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Friday, March 27, 2009

Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

Paco was a good boy, so I brought this book to him from Denver. He has had a bit of a cheese making itch for a while now. I find him poring over websites, salivating over cheese-making supplies, and generally chomping at the bit to make some cheese, darn it! We're low on things to milk at the moment, but that doesn't mean that a goat might not appear this spring! Given half a chance we'd take in a yak too. I've been passing his saurkraut crock on my trips back and forth cleaning the cellar yesterday and today. It is ripe!!! Today he interrupted my email reverie to inform me that IFA (that's a sort of farmer's Wal-Mart) has Rhode Island Reds for $50 for 24! Then I saw him out perusing the chicken coop where I'm currently storing Christmas decorations. Something tells me eggs are in my future...
We here at Heritage Farm are counting down the days until Mr. Sun comes out, melts the white stuff, and warms up the ground so we can move on with things here!!! The little old ladies at my literary club last night warned that more seeds have been sold in the month of March than the rest of the year combined! Great, now we have a seed scare as well. But as for this cheese--once we go into "full production"--be forewarned that Paco doesn't stop at cheese sandwiches! Oh No! He pulls out his French cookbook and you'd better wash up for dinner! Raclette!!! mmmmmmmm....


Tom Giles said...

hey mom. thanks for being my mom.

Mad Hadder said...


Shelly said...

I wonder if this no-job-pursue-everything-you-have-ever-wanted-to-do-thing is giving Jerry to much freedom and he is ever going to stop!! Jerry, you leave is all in shame!

Patti said...

The seed scare thing is real. Burpee said they were actually out of several common types. Crazy huh? I LOVED the Toastmaster thing (your previous post) because I was reading it and thinking, whoa, this group sounds like Toastmasters. I'll have to ask if it is. I kept reading to the end of your blog and as I scrolled back up past the picture started cracking up because I finally really looked at the picture. Well done, well done! Jerry is on the cutting edge. Chickens were the hot conversation in the temple worker locker room yesterday. Totally off the subject, I finished Hunger Games this week. Very enjoyable! :D

Mad Hadder said...

Ah Hunger Games. Can't wait for the sequel due out in August, I think. Reminded me of "The Most Dangerous Game" short story I read in high school.

ohmycrafts said...

"... for they shall inherit the hearth."

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