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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Blows In...

I am the first to admit that I should be shot for crimes against humanity--or at least against this blog.  I've had this blog for so long that I've come to think of it as family, and so when I neglect it, I do feel badly.  I make promises that I'll call or write or send it flowers.  I know; I'm pathetic.  You may be incredulous to know that in my blogpost postings I have several qued up--just waiting for a light touch on the "Publish" button.  I can feel a flurry of activity hanging just out of reach...Today is November 1.  It is ever so cold here in the Jing, and the phone message I received from the government (Yes, China sends its citizens "cozy" little messages.  I had been deleting them because they are in a tongue foreign to me, but today I asked a student to interpret--hoping against hope that maybe I'd won something!!  No sweepstakes--just a note from my government officials.) forewarned that the heat in China would not be turned on until November 15th.  At least there WILL be heat!  In Chengdu we were below the "line" separating the China that gets heat from the China that doesn't, so NO HEAT FOR YOU!!  Receiving texts from a government is a novel idea and one that I think Americans could get behind.  Sort of the new age "Fireside Chats".  Speaking of novel ideas, you have NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) to thank that I'm even here.  I am writing a novel.  Yes, indeedy Mrs. McCreedy.  I began it on a yellow legal tablet about five years ago in a truck trying to keep warm when Paco and I were alpine skiing in Emigration Canyon one January.  And I can't find that yellow paper.  Dang, it was good too.  I guess I'll Poor Old Michael Finnegan Beginagan.  I think the rules are that you write every day.  What does this really have to do with my blog?  Not much.  But I think a tiny moral part of me would have felt shabbily about expending writing time on something new when the old is still waiting over here at blogspot--my slippers in its loyal slobbery mouth...tail wagging...

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Patti said...

I know about this novel writing month! I have a friend who actually took the November novel challenge, wrote every day, and came up with a finished work. Sadly, she can't make it public until certain members of her family pass away. That's a bit of a pickle. Do you wish for someone's death just to be able to read an interesting bit about them? Hmmm....

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