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Saturday, October 1, 2016

In Full Disclosure

I am alive!  I know that many suspected that I had wandered off into the Land of Geezer--complete with memory absence and the inability to string two coherent thoughts together, leaving this blog to fend for itself or worse--to just sit and gather virtual web dust...  Au contraire.  Even though our summer conspired to take me to that impending cliff of Senility and gently nudge me over, I am alive to tell yet another tale and ride yet another bicycle into the fiery hell holes--a.k.a. intersections-- of Beijing.
I can tell that some of you still don't believe me.  It's been MONTHS since I put fingers to keyboard--well, except for that late-breaking news about our solar shower.  The case to support my demise is more convincing than the paltry evidence to the contrary.  So I have a witness...

"Madhadder?  Yes!  Yes!  Why, she passed my cage just the other day.  She looked to be alive!  She had a mane of unruly hair and her characteristic turquoise Baggallini over her shoulder.  I admit I didn't give her the breath mirror test, but from all observances, she is upright and moving.  You're welcome."

If the truth be known, I've been holding off on this blog until I could find something to photograph this year in China.  Some of my readers (microscopic though that number may be), were getting a little titschy about my brooms and mops.  I'm thinking polar bears.  What do you think?

We live just four pleasant subway stops from the Beijing Zoo.  The entrance fee is about 17 cents, so I could make regular pilgrimages.

The zoo appears to have two polar bears.

The other one was semi-comatose on the cement near this pool with his neck unnaturally wrapped around a huge tree as he slept.  I let him be.
But THIS guy---

He knows how to WORK IT!

Now if I could just get him to hold a mop...

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Luke Perkes said...

Welcome back! I say on with the mops and brooms!!

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