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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Things I'm Missing Today

Hiking above Lake Superior with Paco's sister and one of my best friends, Diane.  I am missing the clear air and the smells of summer--to say nothing of the company...

I live in a perpetual state of longing for the Tetons.  This is a new trail we discovered this summer!  You CAN teach old dogs new tricks!  Instead of taking the traditional trail back from Taggart Lake, we turned south!  Wonderful!  Try it!

My English garden.  My mental health takes a dive when I don't get my daily fix here.  Sad commentary for someone who lives in basically a perpetual state of winter when you choose Bear Lake as home.  But sometimes I go here in my mind, and that helps when I miss it.

Unless you've indulged in Orangina you cannot fully appreciate the delight in finding it--Albertson's in Jackson!  Orangina and I have a long and colorful history with roots in exotic places with favorite people.  I miss those good times.

Rosie and Jonathan--fast new friends made at our Foulger cousins' reunion last summer.  Jonathan is the oldest son of my youngest cousin, Matt.  And if you think he's handsome you should see his adorable twin sisters and baby brother!  Go Matt and Becca!!!!

I share genes with all but the middle guy, but he's still good people!
Julie, Darren, Nicole, Woody and Izzie.  This picture makes me happy, and I miss the ease of being with people with whom I have a history.

Yucking it up at B.Y.U. with Danielle, a former student of mine and friend.  I sent you a Parisian from Beijing, Danielle!  Did you get him??

My most poignant feelings of loss are, of course, associated with those who have parted.  Ellen, shown here with some of the faves, is obviously not among the departed.  She IS the last leaf on the tree.  I've known her my entire life--she was a best friend of my mother and aunt.  It makes me trembly happy that my daughter has adopted her as well.  Still vibrant and going strong at 97.

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Patti said...

Toto, we're not in China any more. Maybe I should read your posts chronologically rather than backwards. That last picture was as sweet as they get.

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