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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Temple of Heaven-

Just never you mind that this post is full of spring flowers, and the calendar clearly states that it's November 3rd.  

"Oh, Madd.  You completely confuse me."

Just dance!

Even schoolchildren know that the chronology of events is not nearly so important as the event itself.  Inevitably the memory dulls, and all we're left with are some vague recollections of highlights anyway, right?

The Temple of Heaven is a must-see for most tourists who make their way to the Jing.  We play that part as well when the spirit moves us.  For the locals it is a delightful gathering place to sing, play instruments, exercise, dance and, as evidenced by the above picture, matchmake!  If you've got an aging son or a daughter whose bloom is fading, you can write up an ad and bring it to the Temple of Heaven!  They got a little titchey when I tried to take a few pictures, however, so perhaps matchmaking isn't all fun and games.  They take it quite seriously.  

This lad scores with his hat!!

And these folks scored as well by coming upon a freakish Yankee with whom they could have their picture taken!

My sentiments exactly!

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Patti said...

I don't care what season it is. I love your pictures!

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