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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Oopsey Daisy...

I got bucked off my bike the other night.  Actually, that's only partially true.  Another bike side-swiped me in a crammed intersection.  I went down on my left hip full force on to the road.  Wham!  Limp!  Drag mangled bike off the road!  Limp!  Pain!  X-rays!  MRI!  Good broken bones.  But a heck of a lot of gimp and discomfort.  Invalid.  Crutches.  T I M E  On the couch.  L.O.T.S. of it. I'm coming up on the week mark and wish I could say it's been a productive week on the couch.  Myeah...Time on the couch is over-rated.  Finally today, Paco brought home a couple of walking sticks, and I ventured for the first time outside and strode around the courtyard here where we live to breathe in fresh (sort of) air and just generally shake my environment up.  Call it stir crazy, cabin fever--whatever.  It's real!!!  I've read, had some visitors, done some handwork, and fretted.  Paco has excelled as nurse, cook, gopher.  He's also my cheerleader and quick to point out that I'm progressing each day!!!!!!!!  It doesn't feel all that progressive.  I've also watched seven episodes of

which has been basically the highlight of my week pretty much.  Ross Poldark has this unruly hair, and he came home to Cornwall from the French and Indian War with all kinds of non-gentry ideas.  And then there's Demelsa!  Oh my!!  I'm always on the prowl for a good series to fritter away my life behind, so this totally fits the bill.

Then this arrived ordered by a student, Bear!  This wrapping speaks volumes about China--volumes.  

I won't torment you about the contents--it was 20 of these!!  Coolie hats!  Rice paddy hats!  Peasant hats!!  This class came en masse on Wednesday for their oral English time.  Happy to model hats!  That's how we took attendance!  20 students enrolled--20 hats.  
So instead of hip reconstruction in Singapore and my days in China ending abruptly (which is what my imagination was dictating in the wee hours of the morning before I went to the hospital), I am slowly on the mend AND anticipating the arrival of American family guests tomorrow!!  And for those things I am trembly grateful.

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