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Friday, October 24, 2014

Bits and Pieces

A tea shop hostess.  Tea is king here.  Chengdu has thousands of tea houses where you can sip and sample and philosophize.  It is truly an art form here.  The history of tea in China is long and illustrious.

Ear cleaning.  I am vague on the finer points of it, but I did see this gentleman with some sort of a tuning vibration device that he flicked on the bamboo stick.  This is not a clinic--just a couple of chairs set up in the middle of a street market.  No wailing or flinching.  Complete calm.

Sometimes I have to pretend that I'm taking a picture of something behind or beyond what I really want to capture--as evidenced by this candid shot of a passing relic.  For every picture I take in China, I miss about 300 fabulous ones.  Perhaps one day someone will invent an html connector to go from our brain to a computer screen at which point we can recapture all of life's true magic that we missed with a camera.

Fifth graders!  Some of them want to try out their English--at least Hello and Bye-Bye.

During National Day Holiday we were at the bus station taking a junket out into the country.  This woman and child were waiting in the throng to board.  Note what she is going to have to heft onto the bus.  She brought back images of a couple of cross country Greyhound trips I've taken...shudder.

Hand painting inside of glass on Jinli Street.

These glass orbs are heavy like a small bowling ball.  Look at the panda in the center.  You can see the ring-like entry where the artist reaches in with his paintbrush.  Chinese make the unbelievable look commonplace.

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Patti said...

The glass paintings are mind boggling, with their intricacy and teeny tiny-ness.

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