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Friday, October 24, 2014

Thursday Walkabout

 Join me for an outing to the street market!  Let's start at the north train station and just see where we end up.  Don't forget to leave a trail of breadcrumbs, Gretel, or we'll never find our way back!!

 I wanted to follow these acres of clothing back and back and back to the sewing machines...Oh. the pictures I would THEN have...

 Stay close.  We're getting into the heart of things here!

How are we fixed for Chinese New Year decorations???

 Mountains of bundles!  Each one will need to be loaded onto the back of someone and carried into the market stalls.

Giant pods of merchandise--clothing, blankets...

Is it freight day??????  No, this is business as usual EVERY day of the week.

Now unpack them!

No lack of manpower.  Ever.  24-7  Banty-legged old men, young strapping boys--career packhorses.

An apprentice cardshark hanging out at granny's game stall.  One can imagine he learned to walk here, talk here, and will most assuredly claim a piece of the real action when he comes of age.

Rookie reporter, Madhadder, got caught in this avalanche of moving cargo.  THIS IS THE STREET!!!!!  She waited patiently and shifted her body repeatedly to allow everybody to pass.  It was all surprisingly pleasant.  As I observe Chinese life, I think to myself, "So this is how 1 billion people have learned to live..."

Baby shots are my favorite.  Everybody loves a good market trip!

 THIS is a beautiful child.  She was right outside out apartment and was most eager to practice her English..  I hope I run into her again.

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Patti said...

That is an amazing amount of stuff that gets moved, literally and transaction-wise, every day!

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