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Monday, October 20, 2014

Warlords--3,000 Years Later

Once upon a time, thousands of years ago, Zhuge Lian, the martial marquis of Shu in the Three Kingdoms, lived.  He was intelligent and of noble character.  Please join us for a little romp through his world.

Lest you think otherwise, here's proof that we are like the energizer bunny--still going!  I said to Paco the other morning, "You are aging well, growing more and more handsome."  And he said back to me...wait for it...wait for it..."You are getting more interesting."  Say WHAT?????????????????????

I was particularly impressed by the ominous family jewels guard on this guy!  Fierce, no?

This is one solid piece of carved rock.  The grandaddy of ALL such forms of art is in Beijing.

Old.  Very very.  We pondered the base construction material of these.  Plaster of paris?  Concrete? Granite? Obviously our ignorance is unequaled in all this vast land.

Taking a picture anywhere without 4,000 Chinese passing through or leaping into the picture has become my golden quest.

"And then I saw these four uncouth Americans walk casually by Chengdu's oldest and most revered relic without so much as even a sideways glance.  There is no hope for them.  They are an affront to our honored culture."

This friendly little girl was drawing a portrait of her mother.  She may not only be a budding artist, but it looks like she may also be trying her hand at self haircuts.

Kneeling pads.  We see these everywhere when we visit shrines or temples.  I'm sure they are made reverently and carefully by women honored to be chosen to perform this task.

I had to refrain from rushing up and removing the trash can in this picture.  I'm collecting shots of Chinese holy men and women.  This monk was taking a respite from whatever monks do all day from which they need to escape and find MORE inner peace.

I don't know if these pictures convey how truly truly magnificently gorgeous this place is.  We promise all visitors will be treated to a visit here.

Just happened to catch this guy.

Ahhh... a Chinese broom.  I'm planning a whole blogpost on Chinese custodial practices.  This is just a sneak peak.

A close up of the eave adornments.  Now you can scan back through the pictures and try and pick these guys out.

And THAT my friends is why this is Chengdu's #1 rated must see attraction.  Please arrive early in the day before the massive convoys of tourist buses or you will find yourself engulfed in a slowly moving sea of oriental humanity--actually not altogether a bad thing if you have lots and lots of time. Fortunately for us, they arrived just as we...left.


Shelly said...

Beautiful. Can't wait.

Cheryl Beck said...

Marilyn, you just kill me. I am loving this adventure you are on and your superbly hilarious thoughts/comments. Can't wait to see what else you capture in your adventures.

Mad Hadder said...

Hey Cheryl! Love to all you and yours!

Patti said...

Exquisitely beautiful, and so peaceful. I felt my breathing and heart rate slow down as I scrolled through. So glad you missed the crowds!

Season said...


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