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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"It was a quiet week in Lake Wobegon..."

 Never quiet, but we had no internet allllllllllll week long.  This blog is like flossing; if I don't keep up with it I'll end up with plaque on my brain and no way to catch up!  And I add (yet again), my caveat--this blog is my chronicle of China.  The fact that I've invited "eavesdroppers" doesn't diminish that fact.  It is random--no real plotline.

 Picture me enthusiastically encouraging one of my PhD students, CC, to pursue his life's dream of opening a microbrewery!  I had to stop myself once I realized the spiritual implications of stepping over to that side!  We can't talk about religion, but yes!!!  Go on and unabashedly promote the beer industry????  This bottle of homebrew showed up one day as a very sincere gift pre brewery discussion.  I had been whining about missing cheese.  CC reminded me that I could MAKE my own cheese.  This beer was his proof that he takes his own advice.  I passed it on to a neighbor who RAVED about it.  This may be a lost business investment for me that will be the making of legendary If Only's...

Breakfast is a variation on a theme every day--yogurt, oatmeal, nuts, raisins and bananas.  This morning I snazzed it up with some waffle cookies which we stockpile for our tutoring students and Nutella.  Yes, Nutella. 

 A confection.  You have a stringy doughy stretchy thing that you roll around in the "meal", pinch it off, and tuck in the edges and package and sell!

 Nemo and Cindy--two of our six-year-olds that we tutor on Wednesday evenings for an hour. Cindy's dad has become our beloved go to!  He resuscitates computers, snags us free tickets on a bus for daytrips, and hooks us up with smashing bicycle deals.  He spent 6 years in the U.S., so I think he remembers the "joys" of being the new kid in town...

And then Mad discovered Yarn Alley!  Here is a young rookie knitter intently practicing her skills.   I could crop these pictures better, but so much of what I want to remember about China is around the perimeter of things!

And if you need a break from your knitting, you can always dive into tacky tacky tacky bead sculpture!!!

Change the names and faces and this could so be my knitting group in Montpelier!

One of the upsides of being invisible in China is that I can take pictures with pretty much reckless abandon and nobody even bats an eye.  Two speeds here--we get ignored or people do doubletakes, giggle, and point.

Yes, I AM hunting high and low for a backbasket, and yes I WILL be carting vegetables or whatever in it on my bike when I get back home.

 Oh, and Happy Late Halloween!

 A super grandpa in any language...

A dumpling maker counting her till.

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