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Friday, April 13, 2012


A book clerk at the Tattered Cover in Denver placed this book in my hand about 6 years ago. I never take book recommendations lightly. In fact I'm about 100% on reading (or at least purchasing for a future time) what people tell me to. This book rose quickly quickly to probably my top 5--maybe 3. Furthermore, sometimes whenever I discover someone else who has read it, we become instantly connected. One of my former students and I had a poignant conversation about it. I approached a stranger in an airport waiting area who was engrossed in it, and we had a phenomenol conversation. My son took it into a women's prison for a book group. Those women finished it ahead of schedule and clamored for more. My unbridled enthusiam for this book has not met with unqualified success, I regret to inform you. One friend said she couldn't follow it. Another said it was "all over the place." Those comments left me speechless. Currently my copy of this book is on loan with a young friend. I'm going to go get it today.

I watched the movie this morning. It was perfect. Just perfect. I can't even post this picture without tearing up. The spirit of this movie will most likely accompany me during this entire day. Perhaps it will never leave me. I can hope. But I actually have no adequate words to write about it, except that sometimes I feel and witness people surging towards God--in a very powerful personal way.


Shelly said...

Really!! I'm so excited to watch it tonight!!

Heber and his "Deli" aka: Adele said...

This is the book I tell everyone to read. My fingers first graced its pages 4 years ago.

I guess we have more in common than James Dean. :)

Mad Hadder said...

Oh way more than James Dean, Rachel!!

Patti said...

What a week of fabulous posts. I was moved deeply by Taggart's post. I also love this book. I haven't seen the movie yet. Sounds like I need to. If I knew what a participle was I'd do something grammatically incorrect. Sadly, they skipped sentence structure when I was in school. We had more important things to do, like poetry projects on Simon and Garfunkel.

Mad Hadder said...
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