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Monday, April 2, 2012

Did You See This??????????

I have basically cut sugar out of my life since mid October of 2011. Do not start addressing me as "Saint Madhadder", however. I have had a couple of cookies, some sixlets, one See's chocolate, and some gelato once. But basically I am 99% sugar free. My purposes are more spiritual than physical. I wanted some control, and I knew that sugar was a culprit for health ills as well. I knew I was doing my body good. And my pushing 60 body wanted to slim down as well. Going off sugar, incidentally, didn't affect my weight at all. But I'll bet my pancreas and kidneys would make you stand up and cheer if you could see them! Watch this video, and then we'll talk.


theriddle said...

Marilyn, I want to go off sugar. I am addicted. Any tips?

Mad Hadder said...

I just stopped cold turkey. Actually I ruled out cookies, cake, pie, candy, and ice cream. I don't have a soda problem, but initially sodas were not off the list. I think they are not a problem for me, but after listening to 60 Minutes, NO MORE SODAS!!! Try a gradual approach--maybe add another category every month or something. Good luck!!

theriddle said...

Okay Okay Okay....I did it. I went cold turkey starting Aug 2012. I have had NO sugar since then except the peanut M&M I licked off of Geneva's fingers because I didn't have a napkin and we were in a hurry (Yes I'm THAT kind of Mom) Since going off Sugar I have lost almost 40 lbs. I feel great and have decided never to go on sugar (unless I'm in Europe) I'm fascinated that you have noticed no change.

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