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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Peck..peck..peck peck..peck peck peck peck...

Random musings:
-Did anyone else see Steve Martin in the Tabernacle Choir yesterday??? (Sometimes I see things...AND my daughter saw a kangaroo in a local canyon once, AND I SWEAR I saw a zebra in Shenandoah National Park on Thanksgiving Day a few years ago!!! So we're a little used to having second sight. Don't feel badly if you missed him.) I immediately hoped that maybe the choir was going to break into something with a banjo solo but alas...nary.
-In other choir sightings! I soooo missed David Arculeta singing in the missionary choir!!! He's off to South of Ze Border somewhere--secret, so as not to attract attention. Shhhh... I'm thinking maybe a jungle would provide some good anonymity. Good on ya, young elder. Go thou forth!!!!! Oops! Here he is!!

-I've been gorging on a diet of really smashing non-fiction lately, but my current problem is everything I pick up POST these great books feels so very mwyeah..
-Do you remember that scene in Fiddler on the Roof when Motel's sewing machine arrives and the whole village comes to ooh and aah and the audience is supposed to think it's a baby? Well, it was just like that here yesterday when our....wait for it...

arrived!! Our new electric drum carder!!! This is the bomb! Now we can take the entire room of fleece we have in our cellar and turn it into gold just like in Rumpelstiltskin! I'm going to boil me up some vinegar and Dharma Trading dyes as well and make something truly drooly! Working on my spinning skills too of late. Spinning is much like chewing gum, patting your stomach, composing a symphony, AND minding a toddler all at once BUT I shall conquer it! So the demo of this carder showed this gal just slapping all manner of things onto the carder--leftover fleece, ribbon, carrot shavings (not really) and letting it morph into something WOW to spin. Stay tuned.
-Paco has become a farmer. Cool. He bought a blue tractor which seems way more useful than I currently am. Next week the visiting 40 head of cattle which have been using our corral as a maternity ward are leaving, and our alpacas are coming home from their winter retreat down the road!!! We have plans to go to Portland for a couple with our name on them and down Colorado way as well to adopt part of an on-line friend's herd. Look for a great post on all the Philosophers when it greens up a bit more around here! Paco has also been ripping down some fences in preparation for our 60 foot greenhouse (I KNOW!) and making ready for the chicks we're taking in. Yesterday he was waxing eloquent about the glories of goats. I'm campaigning for a pony.
I'm off to star hunt some more in the choir today.


Patti said...

I gasped out loud! What an awesome machine. I've been visiting grandkiddies so I'm just catching up. I LOVE the Know-It-All! And gave A Girl Named Zippy and She Got Up Off the Couch to my daughter-in-law for Christmas. Love them both! The thing I've learned about living is that you can't create a story as crazy as what really happens. (I'll look for Steve today, sans banjo.)

Season said...

We missed Steve Martin but Tom thought he saw Chevy Chase at one point. Not in the choir—a speaker. Wouldn't that be something!

Mad Hadder said...

I saw him again!! Plus one of my knitting friends last night said, "Well, yeah, he joined the church." Really??

Mad Hadder said...

Yet again another reason to watch General Conference! I think Gladys Knight has spoiled us all.

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