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Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Who You Callin' Bald?" or "And Your Little Dog Too!!"

'Two of these have been spotted in our neighborhood lately. I was ever so eager to make their acquaintance being as how I now fancy myself a birdwatcher (This just in!! I'm a "birder") and all. Today while walking Mugsy I thought I spotted one high up on a telephone pole and watched him as he scanned the horizon for several minutes. When I mentioned it to my neighbor on his 4-wheeler later he suggested that perhaps I had seen a hawk because, in fact, he hadn't seen the eagles since he whooshed them away a month ago. "Whooshed them away? Whatever for?" I was apalled! In my mind: eagles, patriotism, endangered species, Uncle Sam, as American as apple pie!!!!!!! Please don't tell me that I'm going to have to narc out my neighbor for un-American activities????
"Yes," he continued. "I was afraid they'd carry away one of my new calves. They might even go after your dog!"
That was an image too grisley to rationally entertain. Mugsy would squeal. Struggle. And then be a small, black, yipping dot in the skies. The yip would fade. No more Shih tzu. For one moment I imagined the sizeable hairball he would create in an eagle gastrointestinal system. I think some gas might ensue. Perhaps I too shall take up eagle whooshing...


Shelly said...

Birdwatching is done from your back porch with lemonade in hand, waiting for the birds to come to you (key words here). A BIRDER (doer of BIRDING) is one who actively seeks out birds in their natural habitat.

annie said...

Tourists little dogs are summer delicacy for the eagles here, apparently not an uncommon occurrence.

Anonymous said...
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Brother John said...

I'd be surprised if a bald eagle took on a calf. Toy dogs are another thing. I once watched a golden eagle struggle for half an hour trying lift a mere jackrabbit off the ground.

Tom Giles said...

Maybe a brand new somewhat emaciated calf. My neighbor DID say that.

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